Penalties and surcharges



Registration fee  free of charge 
Passion Subscription Fr. 30.00 for 3 months
Minimum booking duration 1 hour
Booking- / Billing interval  per 10 min / per 30 min 
Late return (10 minutes goodwill) Fr. 1.50 per minute 
Booking and booking changes via the Internet, App free of charge
Booking and booking changes via the hotline (per booking)  Fr. 5.00
Cancellation after the start of the booking 100% of the original hourly rate
Cancellation up to 12 hours before the start of the booking free of charge 
Vehicle cleaning in case of excessive soiling    

(smoking, transport of animals, garbage etc.) 
from Fr. 50.00 (depending on effort)
Return of vehicle with insufficient fuel (less than 1/4) Fr. 25.00
Returning the vehicle to the wrong location  Fr. 150.00
Damage / loss of the vehicle keys
Damage / loss of key for parking badge
Fr. 250.00
Fr. 250.00
Damage / loss of car accessories (card reader, terminal, charging cable, fuel card)  Fr. 25.00 plus new procurement costs
Reimbursement of refuelling costs in the event of a missing fuel card or, if necessary, at a third-party petrol station max. Fr. 30.00 
Technician deployment Fr. 140.00
Passing on the keycard/access medium Fr. 200.00
Misuse of fuel card  Fr. 200.00
Do not report a claim  Fr. 200.00
Invoice delivery by mail (e-mail free of charge) Fr. 2.00
Administration fee Lost & Found  Fr. 30.00 plus shipping costs
Administrative Fee Fines & Traffic Offences Fr. 35.00
Administration fee Reminders  Fr. 25.00
administration fee for minor damage

(plus deductible / repair) 
Fr. 85.00
Administration fee for serious damage from CHF 500

(plus deductible / repair) 
Fr. 100.00
Winter equipment (winter tyres, window scrapers)  including
Road Traffic Taxes  including
Personal passenger protection: covers passengers in the event of accident, disability and death including
Liability insurance: covers damage to third parties.  including
Fully comprehensive insurance (collision/burglary/theft) covers damage up to the agreed deductible including
Extended comprehensive cover (collision/burglary/theft) covers damage up to the non-excludable deductible 30% of original booking price,

or an annual fee